Glass Pet Doors

WA Custom Glass offers installation of Transcat Pet Doors into custom cut, toughened safety glass. Transcat Pet Doors are designed to be installed into glass panels and are made of durable, clear plastic for both a functional and attractive option.

Transcat Pet Doors are placed into a circular hole that is cut into glass before the toughening process occurs to ensure the safety of the glass, and more importantly, your pet and family. Toughening prevents the glass from cracking and is essential to providing a safe environment. However, because glass cannot be altered once it has been toughened; it is necessary for us to remove the glass already installed and replace it with an identical piece that is correctly cut for the pet door. The replacement panel will match the piece that we are removing to maintain the look you desire.

In Glass Dog Doors and Cat Doors

The Transcat Pet Doors offer different sizes to best fit your pet, the largest door is 250mm high and 280mm wide. These size doors are perfect for cats and small to medium size dogs, however, larger dogs may not fit in the doors that we offer. We are able to custom cut glass if you are able to find another door that better suits your needs. Please see our size chart below to best determine what size you would need for your dog.

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