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WA Custom Glass offers only the highest quality and custom made mirrors and robe doors for your new home, business or renovation project. WA Custom Glass prides itself of professional service and super quick turnaround times. Installation by our highly trained glaziers with some of the most experienced in the business means your job is done right.

All mirrors and robe doors can be custom made to best match your style. We offer a range of styles of mirrors, and can create custom shapes to suit your requirements.

The Classic (Fully-Framed)

allows for optimal functionality while still being cost effective. It features a magnetically sealed, positive-close, pivot door with an easy to use handle. The Classic also features a threshold that is foot friendly to prevent those early morning stumbles.

The Retro (Semi-Framed)

features frameless, self-closing hinged doors, complimented by exposed edge fixed panels where required. All semi-frameless shower screens have minimal framing, with all framing corners Square cut with square cut corners that won’t sacrifice style. The Retro is designed for minimal clearance tolerances around doors to significantly reduce water splash.

The Modern (Frameless)

features a sleek and attractive frameless design sure to meet your high standards and needs. This design features frameless glass panels with polished safety edges and frameless, self-aligning, hinged doors with both standard and optional handle designs to fit your style.
Each style has its benefits and you are free to choose the style that best fits your living space

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FAQ’s- Mirrors

Q: How thick are your mirrors?

A: Our mirrors range from 4mm to 6mm in thickness depending on their location and frame that is used.

Q: What types of edging are available on mirrors?

A: For our mirrors, we offer flat cut edging for installation into timber or aluminium frames, as well as standard polished edges or a bevelled edge for frameless mirrors.

Q: What are the black spots on the edge of my mirror?

A: Fading or moulding on mirrors will occur over extended periods of time. Poorly ventilated areas with high exposure to moisture will have a higher rate of mirror defects as the mildew and water residue can corrode behind the mirror face.

Q: How do I remove a mirror from my wall?

A: If a mirror has been applied to a wall with silicone or glue WA Custom Glass has a no removal policy. Removing a direct stick mirror can cause damage to surrounding tiles, paint or other finished parts. We hold no responsibility for this damage if a direct stick mirror is damaged prior to or after installation is complete. It is the client’s responsibility to inspect and sign off on all frameless mirrors before installation is complete.

FAQ’s – Robes

Q: Am I able to have one panel white and one mirror?

A: All robe doors are completely customised. We are happy to install multiple infills into one door system to suit your needs.

Q: Am I able to have one panel white and one mirror?

A: All robe doors are completely customised. We are happy to install multiple infills into one door system to suit your needs.

Q: How wide do I need to cut the skirting for the robe track to be installed?

A: Our robe track requires a 90mm gap in the skirting for our installation purposes.