Pivot Doors

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WA Custom Glass is a locally owned and operated company that offers services to the entire Perth Metro Area.  We provide our clients with the highest quality tailored glass products and customer service in the industry.

Looking for a single door with a wider opening to your home?-  You’ve found it.
Pivot Doors open and close via pivots located at the top and bottom of the door, thus enabling a wider entrance. This is perfect for adding extra beauty and substance to a room, making Pivot Doors a perfect alternative to a standard door.

Benefits of Pivot Doors –  
As a perfect alternative to a standard door, Pivot Doors come with many benefits.  Here are just a few:

  • Stability – One of the main benefits of a Pivot Door is that it is supported by a pivot on the floor, with help from another pivot at the top of the door.  The frame has to support the weight of the entire door.  Want a heavy door?  The Pivot door is the answer to keeping it stable.
  • Light and visibility – Due to the larger size frame on a Pivot Door, a larger piece of glass can be installed, allowing for more light to come into your home and enhance visibility.

At WA Custom Glass we guarantee: 

  • Versatility
  • High quality
  • Safety
  • Options
  • Energy efficiency
wa-custom pivot doors installed

WA Custom Glass Pivot Doors are made to order in custom sizes to suit your home.  Ready to add a single door with a wider opening to your home?

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