Shower Screens Perth

WA Custom Glass offers only the highest quality and custom made Shower Screens, Bath Panels for your home or renovation project. Installation by our highly trained Glaziers with some of the most experience in the business means your job is done right.

All shower screens can be custom made to best match your style. WE offer a variety in styles of Category A Safety Glass and only use 10mm thick Category A Toughened Safety Glass for all frameless shower screens to ensure durability and safety. 


Fully Frameless shower screen perth

The Modern (Frameless)

Features a sleek and attractive frameless design sure to meet your high standards and needs. With options for single fixed panels, full enclosures with hinged doors, and the super modern and sleek sliding options there is something to suit every space.

semi frameless shower screen perth

The Retro (Semi-Framed)

Features a minimal frame surrounding the perimeter of the glass, self-closing hinged doors, complimented by exposed edge fixed panels where required. The Retro is designed for minimal clearance tolerances around doors to significantly reduce water splash.

fully framed shower screen perth

The Classic (Fully-Framed)

Allows for optimal functionality while still being cost effective. It features a magnetically sealed, positive-close, pivot door with an easy to use handle. The Classic also features a threshold that is foot friendly to prevent those early morning stumbles.

FAQ’s – Shower Screens


Q: Can I have a privacy section added?

A: All showers installed by WA Custom Glass can include a “Privacy Screen.” We offer a range of obscure for use in our showers. We can also organize for any panel to be custom tinted with an opaque tint after the shower is installed.


Q: My shower screen is completed but I noticed there is no silicone on the inside?

A: During the installation of shower screens our tradesmen will apply a strip of silicone on the external side of the frame only. This allows for any water that becomes trapped inside the shower frame to run back into the shower recess instead of out into the general floor area. This technique also reduces mould build up and is compliant with both Australian Glazing Standards and our Manufacturer’s Product Specifications.


Q: My tiling isn’t quite square are you able to install the shower screen

A: By using wall channels on our semi framed and fully framed showers we can cover up to 10mm on uneven tiling. All frameless showers are laser measured to run with the rakes in tiles. Please note that even these precautions and manufacturing guidelines can only cover a certain amount of tiling error. Our tradesman can provide more information while on site for an official measure. Please note, tiles along the bottom of the shower mustn’t run outward for the shower to function properly. All tiles should run back into shower or sit on hob to reduce water aggression.


Q: I have a custom colour shower screen I am after; can you help me out?

A: Our shower screen frames come in 6 standard powder coat colours. We are able to match non-standard colours but there may be an additional cost and lead time associated with these products.


Q: I have an elderly parent requiring a large handle for ease of access, can you provide me with this?

A: WA Custom Glass does provide large D Handles for Semi Framed or Frameless shower screens. These are not included as standard and should be requested before production of the items begins. For elderly clients, we recommend frameless showers as there would be no framing on the floor allowing easier access.


Q: Do you provide replacement parts for shower screens i.e. seals?

A: Our showroom does feature replacement parts for all shower screens provided by WA Custom Glass. If we do not have the required part in stock we can provide it to you within 2 working days. Delivery of these items to your property is an additional charge.


Q: What is the largest size door panel I can have on my frameless shower screen?

A: Due to the weight of the 10mm toughened glass used on Frameless Showers the widest door panel we can safely recommend is 750mm wide.


Q: My frameless shower screen seems to have dropped, is it broken?

A: If a frameless shower door has dropped or is more difficult to open the hinges may need to be adjusted or replaced to correct the issue. Hinges and shower fittings provided by WA Custom Glass are all Australian made. Any faults in the parts are covered under the supplier warranty and can be replaced.


Q: I need the glass replaced in one shower screen panel, can you help me?

A: We do offer servicing and reglazing of existing shower panels. However, due to the amount of labour required this is often more expensive than replacing the entire shower. Also note that if we do replace a single glass panel we offer no warranty on the shower as it is not one of our standard items.


Q: Do you have the shower screens available to view?

A: Our showroom offers complete models of our full range of shower screens for you to view. We are happy to walk through the different features on each model with you and provide a price estimate as well.


Q: What shower screen do you recommend for my rental?

A: Depending on the style of your rental property and the budget for your renovation we can offer the best resolution. Our fully framed model is the most cost effective while the semi framed and frameless models offer an upgraded style and more modern features.


Q: There are gaps on my semi framed/frameless shower. Why is that?

A: On both the semi framed and frameless shower screens gaps between the glass panel are required to allow the doors to function properly and as an added safety feature. We aim to make these gaps as tight as possible, industry standards give an allowance of glass thickness plus/minus 2mm on all shower screens.


Q: If there are gaps in the shower won’t water get out?

A: Water aggression through small gaps in the shower panel allow for less than 15% of water that escapes from the shower. This is true assuming a direct flow of water is not aimed at one of the gaps. Most water escaping from a shower comes when the client is entering or exiting the shower area.