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      Is Double Glazing Worth It? Benefits, Drawbacks, and Making The Right Decision For Your Home

      03.17.2023 By Brent Beahan Windows

      Tired of costly energy bills, unwanted noise, or feeling drafts in your home or office? It might be time to think about upgrading your windows. When considering new windows, one of the first things to think about is what purpose those windows are going to serve. Are they just for letting natural light in and enjoying the view? Or, are you looking to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient? If it’s the latter, double-glazed windows should be front of mind. But what exactly is double glazing? And, is double glazing worth it? 

      Let’s break down exactly what double glazing is and what it can do for your home. Weighing up both the pros and cons, so you can make the right decision.

      What is Double Glazing and How Does It Work?


      What is Double Glazing and How Does It Work


      Double-glazed windows are essentially two panes of glass, separated by a spacer, which creates a gap that is then filled with an insulating gas, usually argon. This creates a barrier between the glass panes which dramatically reduces heat transfer and noise pollution. Double glazing helps to improve thermal performance, in turn, making your home more comfortable, and helping you save on energy bills.

      Benefits of Double Glazing


      Benefits of Double Glazing


      Energy efficiency

      Reduced heat loss and heat gain: The insulating barrier created by double glazing minimises heat transfer, keeping your space warm and cozy during the winter months and cool in the summer.

      Lower energy bills: With improved insulation, your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard, leading to significant savings on energy costs.

      Noise reduction

      Double-glazed windows act as a powerful sound barrier. The extra layer of glass and the insulating gap between the panes result in improved noise reduction. This creates a more peaceful and quiet environment, especially for those located near busy streets or noisy neighbours.

      Improved insulation:

      By reducing drafts and cold spots, double glazing contributes to a more consistent and comfortable temperature indoors.

      Increased security:

      The sturdy construction of double-glazed windows, featuring two panes of glass, makes them more difficult to break. Adding an extra layer of protection for your home or office.

      Lower carbon footprint:

      Double glazed windows help to reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the need for air conditioning or heating, in turn, reducing your home’s energy consumption.


      Cost Considerations


      Cost Considerations


      Initial investment:

      Upgrading to double-glazed windows can be a lot of money out of pocket initially. They do require a larger upfront cost compared to single-glazed windows.

      Long-term cost savings:

      Although the initial investment is relatively high, over time, the investment in double glazing pays off through reduced energy bills, increased property value, and lower maintenance costs.

      Return on investment:

      As with any home renovation project, you need to carefully consider the balance between the initial costs and long-term savings when deciding if double glazing is the right choice for your home.

      Double Glazing vs. Alternative Window Solutions


      Double Glazing vs. Alternative Window


      Single glazing:

      In comparison to single glazing, double glazing offers vastly superior insulation, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. Double glazed windows reduce up to 30% more heat loss and heat gain than single glazed windows.

      Triple glazing:

      Triple glazing provides even greater insulation and noise reduction than double glazing. However, the additional benefits come with a much higher price tag and are only considered necessary in excessively harsh or cold climates.

      Other energy-efficient window options:

      Alternative energy-efficient windows, coatings or films, can provide some of the benefits of double glazing at a lower cost. However, they may not offer the same level of insulation and noise reduction. Consider low-E glass coatings for an alternative solution to double-glazing.


      Potential Drawbacks of Double Glazing


      Potential Drawbacks of Double Glazing


      Upfront cost:

      For some customers, the considerable initial investment required for double glazing may be a deal-breaker.

      Potential for condensation:

      If not installed properly or if proper ventilation is lacking, condensation can form between the glass panes, impacting the window’s performance and aesthetics.

      Potential for reduced natural light:

      The presence of two panes of glass and thicker window frames can sometimes result in slightly less natural light entering your space.

      Tips for Choosing the Right Double Glazing Solution


      Tips for Choosing the Right Double Glazing


      Assessing your needs and budget:

      Begin by determining your priorities, such as thermal insulation, noise reduction, or security, and allocate a budget that aligns with your goals. This will help you focus on the most suitable double glazing options for your specific requirements.

      Choosing the right materials:

      Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of various frame materials, such as uPVC, aluminium, or timber, based on factors like maintenance, durability, and aesthetics. Consider also the type of glass and spacer bars used in the double glazing units to ensure optimal performance.

      Using a glass retrofit specialist:

      By using a reputable double glazing specialist, like WA Custom Glass, you can guarantee that your new windows and frames will be installed perfectly with a set of warranties. Poorly installed windows can long-lasting damage, and leave you with condensation build-up, chilly draughts and leaky windows. Don’t take chances with your home’s comfort and safety – choose a trusted glass specialist and experience the difference.


      Making the Right Decision For Your Home


      Making the Right Decision For Your Home


      Upgrading to double glazed windows offers a wide range of benefits, including increased energy efficiency, noise reduction, and thermal performance. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider these advantages against potential drawbacks, such as upfront costs, potential condensation issues, and reduced natural light.

      If you need further advice on whether or not double glazing is right for your project, contact your specialist window and door retrofitter, WA Custom Glass. By assessing your unique needs and budget we can help you make the right decision that enhances the comfort, security, and value of your property. Contact WA Custom Glass today for a free quote.

      Brent Beahan

      Brent Beahan

      Brent is a highly experienced General Manager in the glass and glazing industry, with an impressive 20+ year career under his belt. Having earned a Certificate III in Glass and Glazing and the esteemed title of Master Glazier, Brent possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. As General Manager, his role involves overseeing all company departments, including Production, Supply, Sales, Scheduling, and Installations. His creativity, knowledge and passion for glass exemplify him as a leader in the industry.

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