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      Aluminium Sliding Windows in Perth

      Our aluminium sliding windows are a modern, versatile and cost-effective solution for your home. Perfect for maximum ventilation with minimal upkeep.

      • • 10-Year Replacement Warranty
      • • No-leak Installation Technology
      • • WA's First AGWA Accredited Company
      • • WA Made Products & Custom Solutions
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      Sliding Windows in Kitchen
      Your sliding window specialists

      Choose from a wide range of popular configurations with two, three and four-panel options available. With the sliding window’s ability to join to other aluminium window frames, the configurations are endless.

      Sliding windows are a staple to any home or commercial premises. They provide ample ventilation and easy operation without compromising on style or view.

      Monochrome Living Room With Aluminum Framing Glass Windows
      Transform Your Living Space with Our Premium Sliding Window

      As Jason Windows' preferred partner, we supply and install the highest-quality and most feature-rich sliding windows in Perth.



      All Jason Windows sliding aluminium windows feature a one-key-fits-all lock. Giving you a sense of security and convenience. Combined with a Breezelock System that automatically locks your window in a set of 3 positions, for extra peace of mind. Make your home as safe and stylish as can be.

      Dual Seal

      Air Conditioning Rating

      Sliding windows contain a dual seal design, which delivers a high air conditioning rating by reducing the amount of air leakage. Receive increased energy efficiency and climate control with our sliding window range.



      Our custom couplers seamlessly separate and align your windows. However you want to configure them, you can. Our coupler pressings are made to measure to perfectly join your frames together.

      Glazing Options

      Glazing Options

      Choose from our wide range of glazing options. Increase your energy efficiency, lower your energy bills and control the climate of your home.

      • Annealed (standard)
      • Toughened
      • Toned
      • Low-E
      • Double glazing

      Glazing Options


      Stop unwanted insects from entering your home and add an extra layer of security by choosing a sliding security window. Alternatively, level up your window facing an outdoor entertainment area by adding a sliding servery screen.

      Colonial Bars

      Colonial Bars

      Add colonial bars to your sliding windows to enhance their design and the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

      Strength and Frame Section

      Strength & Frame Section

      Our frames are made from high-quality aluminium to withstand the elements. Built to order, with no exposed screws or fixings. To give you sturdy, long-lasting and stylish aluminium sliding windows.

      Opening the possibilities with endlessly customisable configurations.

      Our custom windows are available in a variety of different configurations to suit whatever your needs are. Choose from one of our most popular sliding window configurations, or consult with our professional glaziers to create a unique concept.

      Frame sizes (mm) Window height (mm) based on 2 panel sliding window Window width (mm) based on 2 panel sliding window Maximum panel weight Maximum water rating Maximum wind rating Maximum glass thickness – single glazing (mm) Maximum Glass Thickness – double glazing (mm) Maximum bush fire rating Lowest U-Value – single glazed Lowest U-Value – double glazed Lowest SHGC – single glazed Lowest SHGC – double glazed
      Single slider
      Single slider with two fixed lites
      Double slider
      Double slider with two fixed lites
      Double slider with two fixed lites
      Single slider over two low lites
      Single slider with three fixed lites
      Single slider with two fixed lites over three low lites
      Single slider with two fixed lites over three low lites
      Double slider over three low lites
      Single slider high lite over fixed lite
      76 x 12 Min: 343 / Max: 1714 Min: 610 / Max: 2410 30kgs 300pa 1200kpa 7 24 BAL29 4.6 3.6 0.32 0.39
      Frequently Asked Questions
      What are your lead times for sliding windows in Perth?

      For sliding windows Perth our lead times are dependent on a range of factors, like level of customisation, manufacturing and installation process. Request a free quote today and one of our experienced professionals will be there to guide you through the process and create a timeline that suits you.

      What stocked items do you have available?

      All of our products are custom-built for each individual project, meaning your windows and doors will be made to measure.

      How much do sliding windows cost?

      The cost of sliding windows can vary depending on factors such as the size, material, and features of the window. Request a free quote today.

      What materials are used in sliding windows?

      Our frames are made from high-quality aluminium to
      withstand the elements. No exposed screws or fixings are
      used, to give you a sturdy, long-lasting, and stylish finish.

      What is the warranty offered on sliding windows in Perth?

      We offer a 10-year warranty on all of our Jason sliding windows, providing peace of mind and ensuring customer satisfaction.

      Do you need planning approvals for sliding windows in Perth, WA?

      No. Generally, you don’t need planning approvals for sliding windows Perth. Talk to our experts for any specific planning approval queries.