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      Awning Windows in Perth

      Discover the elegance and functionality of our awning windows—a stylish and practical choice for modern living. Enjoy ample ventilation with a touch of class.
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      Windows Retrofitting & Renovations

      Functional & Stylish Aluminium Awning Windows

      Our awning windows are a favourite among homeowners and businesses in Perth, known for their sleek design and exceptional functionality. They provide excellent ventilation, an abundance of natural light, and a chic aesthetic appeal, all at a competitive price point.

      Awning windows for residential project in Perth

      What are they?

      Awning windows for residential project in Perth

      Awning windows consist of a top-hinged sash that tilts out from the bottom, allowing fresh air to flow in while keeping rain out. Their modern mechanism makes them easy to operate, and the aluminium frame ensures durability and sleek aesthetics.

      Alternate Names
      Also referred to as top-hinged windows, awning windows have earned a distinct name for their utility and style.

      Common Uses
      Perfect for both residential and commercial settings, awning windows are highly adaptable and can be used in various architectural designs. Their ability to provide ventilation while keeping the elements out makes them a popular choice in Perth and beyond.

      Things to consider with aluminium awning windows

      Awning windows offer year-round airflow while protecting your interior from rain. They're simple to operate and provide a modern look at a reasonable cost.

      Key Considerations
      While awning windows are excellent for functionality especially where there is limited space, they don't offer the highest level of airflow. It's essential to consider the placement and size to enjoy the benefits fully.

      Similar Products and Alternatives
      If you desire the smooth operation of awning windows, consider our range of sliding windows or bi-fold windows for great functionality and a wider opening.

      Feature-rich aluminium awning windows

      Upgrade your home with our superior quality awning windows. As your trusted window specialist in Perth, we offer the finest and most feature-packed awning windows to enhance your living experience.


      Security and Usability

      Our awning windows come equipped with a chain-operated key lock winder that can be locked in an open position without needing to open the flyscreen. Plus, the stainless steel chain provides excellent resistance to rust.
      For upper levels, awning windows in Perth are supplied with opening restrictors to comply with Australian Building Codes.

      Energy Efficiency

      Energy Efficiency

      To improve your home’s energy efficiency, our awning windows offer a dual-seal design that minimises air leakage and produces an excellent air conditioning rating. Double glazing with argon gas further enhances insulation and reduces heat flow and thermal conductivity. For even greater efficiency, Low-E energy- efficient glass is available.

      Dual Seal

      Weather Resistance

      Designed to keep everything from light rain to the harshest elements out. With awning windows you can keep your windows open year-round, ensuring your space remains comfortable in all conditions. Our dual-seal design minimises air leakage and weatherproofs your home. Improving your energy efficiency, increasing the air conditioning rating of your windows, and ultimately, saving you money on your energy bills.


      Custom Couplers

      Couplers are the custom metal pressings used to join individual windows to one another, creating a seamless single unit and sealing the windows to the frame itself. Each of our couplers are made to measure and custom-built for each project. So whether it's a full balcony enclosure or a simple corner window, our custom coupler pressings ensure a sleek, contemporary finish to your windows.

      Glazing Options

      Glazing Options

      Choose from our wide range of glazing options. Increase your energy efficiency, lower your energy bills and control the climate of your home.

      • Annealed (standard)
      • Toughened
      • Toned
      • Low-E
      • Double glazing



      Add an extra layer of security and stop unwanted insects from entering your home. Our flyscreens feature an aluminium framing to provide additional sturdiness. They also come with a variety of mesh options to match your aesthetic and needs.
      Our Security Screens are fitted with 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh or perforated marine-grade aluminium to keep your home safe.

      Colonial Bars

      Colonial Bars

      Add a touch of elegance to your windows with colonial bars. Awning windows can be fitted with 20mm wide horizontal and vertical bars to create a classic Hamptons look. Or, make it yours, by creating a pattern of your own, elevating the appearance and style of your home.

      Strength and Frame Section

      Strength & Frame Section

      Our frames are both stylish and durable, featuring a minimum width of 76mm and made from high-quality aluminium. They're built to order with no exposed screws or fixings, ensuring a sleek look for your home.

      A wide range of configurations to complement your space.

      Choose from a range of standard sizes or opt for a custom configuration to meet your specific needs. With the flexibility of our awning windows, creating a unique look is straightforward.
      A flawless fit every time – each window is custom-built to match the dimensions of your space perfectly.

      Frame sizes (mm) Window height (mm) Window width (mm) Maximum panel weight Maximum water rating Maximum wind rating Maximum glass thickness – single glazing (mm) Maximum glass thickness – double glazing (mm) Maximum bush fire rating Lowest U-Value – single glazed Lowest U-Value – double glazed Lowest SHGC – single glazed Lowest SHGC – double glazed
      Single awning
      Single awning and fixed lite
      Double awning
      Single awning and two fixed lites
      Single awning and two fixed lites
      Double awning and centre fixed lite (equal)
      Double awning and centre fixed lite
      Double awning and centre fixed lite
      Single awning over low lite
      Single awning and fixed lite over two low lites
      Double awning with fixed lite over three low lites (equal)
      Double awning with fixed lite over three low lites
      76 x 20 Min: 429 / Max: 1714 Min: 370 / Max: 1210 45kgs 300pa 1500kpa 7 24 BAL29 4.6 3.9 0.29 0.27
      76 x 20 Min: 429 / Max: 1886 Min: 370 / Max: 1570 60kgs 300pa 1500kpa 10 18 BAL29 5 4.1 0.28 0.41
      100 x 44 Min: 500 / Max: 1900 Min: 400 / Max: 1600 80kgs 450pa 2000kpa 15 25 BAL40 7.1 4.9 0.53 0.46
      Frequently Asked Questions
      How much do awning windows cost?

      The cost of awning windows can vary depending on factors such as the size, materials used, and level of customization required. Awning Windows Perth offers competitive pricing and can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and design vision

      Can I install awning windows in areas in high wind areas?

      Yes, awning windows are a great option for areas with high wind loads. They are designed to provide excellent ventilation while still being able to withstand strong winds and other extreme weather conditions.

      How long will it take to manufacture and install awning windows in Perth?

      The manufacturing and installation times can vary depending on factors like the size and level of customisation you're looking for. We will work with you to create a timeline that suits your specific project and minimise any disruption to your life.

      Do you need planning approvals for awning windows in Perth, WA?

      No. Generally, you don’t need planning approvals for awning windows Perth. Talk to our experts for any specific planning approval queries.

      What maintenance is required for awning windows?

      Awning Windows are very low maintenance, as the chain winder is the primary moving component. Please refer to our care and maintenance brochure for detailed instructions.

      Opening the possibilities with endlessly customisable awning windows

      Explore the variety of unique features we offer for your Australian homes. Select from our popular awning window configurations or craft a one-of-a-kind product with custom colours, glass types, handles, and security screens.

      Choose your colours

      Pick from our wide range of standard colour aluminium frames or go for a more personalised touch with a custom powder-coated finish to match your style.

      Colour Options
      Is Double Glazing Worth It

      Choose your glass

      Is Double Glazing Worth It

      We offer a wide variety of glass types and glazing options to ensure privacy, increase security, and enhance energy efficiency in your home or office.

      Balancing Aesthetics with Functionality

      Choose your handles

      Balancing Aesthetics with Functionality

      Accentuate your windows with handles that cater to your ergonomic and security needs. Whether you prefer a key lock or a sash lock, we have a handle to suit your preference.

      Select your level of Security

      Choose your screens

      Select your level of Security

      Choose from our range of aluminium mesh, steel mesh, and migi mesh security screens, crafted with premium materials to shield your home from unwanted visitors and insects.