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      Which bathroom window types are the best for your home?

      07.09.2023 By Brent Beahan Windows

      There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing bathroom window types. Each home has unique needs, design aesthetics, and privacy concerns. It’s not just about picking a window that looks good; it’s about finding a solution that can create a bathroom space that feels private, well-lit, and ventilated – a space that truly feels like your own.


      Choosing the perfect bathroom windows


      Bathroom windows are more than just functional fixtures. They fulfil several crucial roles like ensuring privacy, providing natural light, facilitating proper ventilation, and enhancing style. There’s a lot to consider when trying to identify the right bathroom window type for your unique space. Here are some of the best options to consider for your new bathroom windows.


      Bathroom with large back frame frosted window


      Frosted windows: a haven of privacy

      One of the most important factors to consider when installing bathroom windows is your privacy. Frosted windows excellently address this issue. They allow ample natural light, illuminating your bathroom while obscuring the view from the outside. The textured glass creates a soothing ambience, adding a serene, spa-like feel to your bathroom retreat.


      Louvre windows for bathroom


      Louvre windows: perfect blend of aesthetics and ventilation

      Louvre windows, also known as jalousie windows, are an innovative solution, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Their unique design features adjustable slats that allow ventilation regulation. This feature is particularly useful in a bathroom setting where excess steam can be quickly and easily dispersed, while also adding an element of modern design.


      Stained glass windows for bathrooms


      Stained glass windows: artistic statement and privacy

      If you want to infuse a bit of personality and artistic flair into your bathroom, consider stained glass windows. The vibrant colours and intricate patterns of stained glass windows paint a stunning spectacle as daylight filters through them, casting colourful shadows across the bathroom. Plus, the dense colours and patterns offer considerable privacy.


      Double hung windows for bathroom


      Double-Hung windows: classic style with modern functionality

      Double-hung windows are a timeless and versatile choice. Their design, which allows both the top and bottom sections to open, enables you to control ventilation and privacy levels. You can let fresh air in while maintaining your privacy, making them a practical option for bathrooms.


      Sliding windows for bathroom


      Sliding windows: smooth operation and flexibility

      When it comes to smooth operation and easy maintenance, slider windows come out on top. A simple glide to the side opens the window, ushering in the tranquil sounds of nature and allowing air to circulate. This smooth functionality, coupled with their sleek design, makes them an attractive addition to modern bathrooms.


      Bay windows for bathroom


      Bay and bow windows: space expansion with elegance

      Bay and bow windows serve as elegant architectural features that add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. They extend outwards from the house, creating a small nook inside that can be utilised as a cozy seating area, an additional storage zone, or a place for decorative items.


      Awning windows for bathroom


      Awning windows: excellent ventilation with a classic touch

      Awning windows, hinged at the top and opening outward, are an excellent choice for bathrooms. They provide robust ventilation, ensuring the steam from hot showers doesn’t linger. Plus, their unique opening mechanism allows them to be left open in light rain, enabling continuous ventilation without the worry of water seeping in.


      Casement windows for bathroom


      Casement windows: maximum light and airflow

      Casement windows, with their side hinges and wide opening, invite a wealth of natural light and fresh air into your bathroom. Their ability to fully open facilitates excellent airflow, swiftly clearing steam and preventing condensation buildup, which can lead to mould and mildew.


      Glass block windows for bathroom


      Glass block windows: privacy meets aesthetic appeal

      For a chic and modern bathroom, consider the installation of glass block windows. These windows permit ample natural light while ensuring complete privacy, thanks to their heavily textured patterns. Their architectural design adds a stylish touch to your bathroom, making them a popular choice for contemporary bathrooms.


      Hopper windows for bathroom


      Hopper windows: the compact choice for smaller bathrooms

      Hopper windows, opening inwards from the top, are an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium. Despite their compact size, they provide excellent ventilation and energy efficiency, making them a practical and eco-friendly option.


      Skylight windows for bathroom


      Skylight windows: starry ambience for your bath

      Skylight windows offer a novel and exciting perspective, literally, by opening up your view to the sky. Ideal for bathrooms located on the top floors, these windows allow you to stargaze or observe the passing clouds while enjoying a relaxing bath. Not to mention, during the day, they flood your bathroom with natural light.



      Tub skylights for home

      Tubular skylights: innovative natural light solution

      If traditional skylights aren’t feasible, tubular skylights are an excellent alternative. They’re particularly suitable for bathrooms without exterior walls, channelling natural light from the roof into your bathroom space. This way, you can enjoy a well-lit bathroom while maintaining privacy.


      Accent windows for bathroom


      Accent windows: a unique touch of personality

      Accent windows are a versatile choice that can complement your bathroom’s unique style. They can take any shape or style, from a round window for a nautical theme to a gothic-arched window for a vintage feel. These windows add a creative touch, giving your bathroom an extra dose of personality.


      Bathroom window treatments: an added layer of style and privacy


      Bathroom window types are only part of the equation when it comes to achieving the ideal balance of privacy and aesthetics. Window treatments are an often-overlooked element that can elevate your bathroom space.




      Blinds: an easy solution

      Among the most popular window treatments, blinds offer an effortless blend of light control and privacy. Available in a range of materials and styles, you could pair blinds with any of the bathroom window types we’ve discussed for added flair and functionality.


      Windows with curtains in bathroom


      Curtains: a touch of softness

      Another bathroom window treatment to consider is curtains. While typically associated with larger windows, there are curtain styles suitable for any bathroom window type. Imagine stepping into a warm bath, the soft glow of sunlight filtered through elegant, sheer curtains. It’s the perfect setting for a relaxing soak.


      Bathroom windows with privacy


      Shutters: a classic choice

      Shutters add a touch of class to any bathroom window type. A crisp, white shutter paired with your new bathroom window, creates a look that’s both timeless and practical.


      Options for window frames


      Window frames: affecting both style and functionality

      When choosing the right window type for your bathroom, don’t overlook the importance of the window frame. It’s not just about aesthetics; the right frame can enhance your window’s performance in terms of energy efficiency, durability, and maintenance.


      Aluminium Frames

      Aluminium frames provide a sleek, modern appeal. They’re strong, yet lightweight, and can be powder coated in a variety of colours to match your unique aesthetics. Aluminium frames are considered the premium option due to their longevity and modern style.


      Wooden Frames

      Wooden frames imbue a classic charm and excellent insulation but require regular maintenance to prevent warping and rotting, especially in humid environments. Their natural beauty can complement a variety of bathroom styles.


      PVC Frames

      PVC frames are durable, resistant to rot and rust, and require little maintenance – perfect for humid bathrooms. They offer good thermal insulation and come in diverse colours and finishes. They’re practical, although they might lack the premium aesthetic of other materials.


      Modern white bathroom


      Bringing it all together: bathroom window types


      There are a multitude of options when it comes to bathroom window types, each with its own unique blend of functionality and style. The choice comes down to your personal preferences, needs, and the specific constraints of your bathroom.

      Your bathroom window can be more than just a source of light or ventilation—it can be a significant element that adds character and ambience to your private sanctuary. So, next time you gaze at your bathroom windows, imagine the possibilities and let your imagination soar.

      If you want to get the most out of your bathroom windows, get in touch with the window and door specialists, at WA Custom Glass. Our friendly professional glaziers offer a free consultation and quote and will work with you to bring your vision to life. Explore our wide range of window styles, or, contact us for more information today!

      Brent Beahan

      Brent Beahan

      Brent is a highly experienced General Manager in the glass and glazing industry, with an impressive 20+ year career under his belt. Having earned a Certificate III in Glass and Glazing and the esteemed title of Master Glazier, Brent possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. As General Manager, his role involves overseeing all company departments, including Production, Supply, Sales, Scheduling, and Installations. His creativity, knowledge and passion for glass exemplify him as a leader in the industry.

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