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      Exploring the Best Colour for Aluminium Windows

      08.15.2023 Windows

      When considering the best colour for aluminium windows, it’s about much more than just a whim or a trending fad. It’s about merging style, energy efficiency, and architectural harmony into your space. In this blog, we’ll explore all of the external (and internal) factors you should consider when looking for the perfect colour for your aluminium windows, and help you choose the best option for your home.


      The Significance of Colour


      The Influence of Colours

      Each different colour and hue tells a unique story, evokes different emotions, and interacts distinctively with its surroundings. When applied to aluminium windows, these characteristics can transform an ordinary façade into a remarkable one.


      The Colours of the Moment

      In contemporary urban settings, expansive windows often sport dark window frames. Charcoal black, stands out, alongside shades like anotec or anthracite grey, as a popular choice that aligns with the modern-minimalist trend. But that doesn’t mean classic colour schemes, like silver or white, have taken a back seat. These have a timeless allure and are still a popular choice for both traditional and modern homes.


      Matching Window Tones with External Facades

      Just as a perfectly tailored suit can be marred by mismatched shoes, the wrong window colour can disrupt your home’s exterior aesthetics.


      Grey Aluminium Windows

      Imagine them with a pristine white exterior, or even a classic red brick finish. The contrast is just right, neither too stark nor too muted.

      Champagne or Light Beige Aluminium Windows

      Pair these with earth toned exteriors, think soft browns or even olive greens. The result? A home that feels harmoniously intertwined with nature.


      Why Colour Choice Isn’t Just for Show

      Colours don’t just influence aesthetics; they play a role in energy efficiency. Lighter shades, with their reflective properties, might reduce the need for cooling in hot climates, as they tend to reflect sunlight. Conversely, darker hues might help in retaining warmth in cooler climates. Thus, the right colour choice can subtly contribute to a home’s comfort, energy efficiency and environmental footprint.


      Psychological Impacts

      Colours impact our psyche. A serene blue or green might evoke feelings of calm and tranquillity, perfect for a home by the sea or amidst greenery. Warm tones, on the other hand, might imbue a sense of warmth and cosiness. Choosing the right aluminium window shade can add an unspoken emotional layer to your living space, enhancing overall well-being.


      Customising aluminum windows


      Customising Your Windows


      Customisation and Personalisation

      Every homeowner’s dream is a touch of uniqueness; new custom windows and doors with a personalised frame colour can achieve just that. While standard colours cater to general tastes, bespoke colours or finishes allow homeowners to infuse personal style. From metallic sheens to custom shades that match your interior decor, the range of different colour options is endless.


      Technology in Colour Choices

      Technology has revolutionised how homeowners pick colours. Augmented Reality (AR) apps now allow you to visualise how different shades might look on your property, removing the guesswork from the decision-making process and ensuring satisfaction even before installation.


      Powder Coating

      Why is powder coating the go-to for aluminium windows? Beyond offering a vast spectrum of colours, powder coating provides a uniform, durable finish resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. It’s an environmentally-friendly process, emitting zero or near-zero volatile organic compounds. Plus, with its ability to maintain vibrancy and lustre, powder coating ensures your windows remain as stunning as the day they were installed.


      Color options for aluminum windows


      Practical Implications of Colour Choices


      Material Combinations

      The synergy between aluminium window colours and adjacent materials like wood or brick is a visual treat. A rustic brick facade often contrasts beautifully with sleek black or graphite windows, offering a meld of the traditional with the contemporary. On the other hand, wooden exteriors, with their earthy and natural tones, can be enhanced by subtle shades like champagne or beige, making the windows pop without overpowering the innate warmth of the wood.


      Maintenance Aspects

      While aluminium windows are lauded for their low maintenance, colour choice can influence their upkeep. Lighter shades might reveal dirt and grime more readily than darker tones. However, darker colours might show scratches or dings more easily. It’s essential to balance aesthetic appeal with the realities of everyday wear and tear.


      Colour Lifespan

      Aluminium windows are praised for their longevity, and the same goes for their colours. Modern processes ensure that colours remain vibrant and resistant to fading for years. However, like all things, there might be slight wear over decades, but with proper care, refreshing or replacing due to colour wear is a rare concern.


      Effects on Property Value

      Believe it or not, the colour of your aluminium windows can play a role in your property’s appeal on the market. Trendy colours, if chosen wisely, can offer a modern touch, potentially upping your home’s resale value. However, classic colours and hues are timeless, and appeal to a broader range of potential buyers. An aesthetically pleasing exterior could be the difference between a ‘maybe’ and a resounding ‘yes’ from potential buyers.


      Comparative Analysis


      Aluminium windows, with their sleek profiles and modern appeal, differ starkly from traditional wooden windows or uPVC ones. While wood offers a natural aesthetic, its colour palette is limited compared to the vibrant range available with aluminium. uPVC, though durable, often doesn’t provide the same breadth of colour choice, making aluminium a frontrunner for those seeking both variety and style.


      Selecting color for aluminum windows


      Tips for selecting the best colour for aluminium windows


        1. Compliment Your Home’s Exterior:
          • If your home is primarily composed of earth tones, opt for warmer window colours.
          • For homes with modern aesthetics and neutral facades, blacks, greys, or metallic hues can provide a sleek complement.
          • If your home has a traditional or cottage appeal, softer tones like beige, taupe, or even muted greens can add a touch of charm.


        1. Nature’s Palette: Consider the landscape around your home. Homes surrounded by greenery may benefit from forest greens or earthy browns, whereas those by the seaside might pair well with cool blues or sandy beiges.


        1. Complementary vs. Contrasting: Understand the colour wheel. Complementary colours (opposite each other on the colour wheel) can make your windows pop, whereas analogous colours (next to each other) offer a more harmonious look. For instance, a blue-toned home might contrast well with bronze windows but harmonise with cooler metallic shades.


        1. Consider the Neighbourhood: While personalisation is essential, it’s also wise to ensure your choice doesn’t starkly contrast with the neighbourhood aesthetic. A colour that’s too outlandish might affect future property value or community perceptions.


        1. Interior Considerations: Your windows will be visible from the inside too. Ensure that their colour complements the internal decor and wall colours. This creates a cohesive design language both inside and out.


        1. Reflect on Sun Exposure: Understand how sunlight interacts with your chosen colour throughout the day. Some shades may appear differently under the morning sun compared to the late afternoon.


        1. Seek Professional Advice: Engage with window and door specialists. Their experience with various projects can provide you with invaluable insights into matching and contrasting colours effectively.



      Selecting the best colour for aluminium windows


      Colour matching isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s about making sure your new windows enrich your home’s overall appeal. By considering both the macro (neighbourhood, nature) and micro (home interiors, exteriors) elements, and with the right tools and advice, you can select the perfect colour that not only resonates with your style but elevates your home’s charm and value.

      If you need help choosing the best colour for your new aluminium windows, look to the specialists in window and door retrofitters, WA Custom Glass. Explore our range of window colour options to find the perfect finishing touch to your new window and door frames. Contact WA Custom Glass today for advice on how new aluminium window frames can compliment your home’s aesthetic.

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