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      A balcony redefined in Halls Head

      09.11.2023 By Brent Beahan Projects

      The project

      WA Custom Glass, revisited this Halls Head home to complete another window renovation project in March 2023.

      Having assisted the homeowners with renovating the downstairs entertainment area in 2018, the team at WA Custom Glass were re-engaged to tackle the renovation of the upstairs balcony. 

      The AGWA-accredited window and doors specialists, WA Custom Glass were entrusted with overhauling the upstairs balcony, which was completely exposed to the elements, protected only by a glass balustrade.

      With the existing balcony taking the full brunt of the weather exposure, the specialists worked closely with the homeowners to construct a renovation plan to make the space accessible year-round, while complimenting the home’s aesthetics.


      balcony makeover with WA Custom Glass


      The brief


      The homeowners’ brief consisted of several key factors:

      1. Make the space usable year-round
      2. Protect the balcony from the weather
      3. Increase airflow to the home
      4. Premium products to compliment home
      5. Maintain the view


      The result


      Given the incredible view from the previous balcony, it was imperative that this project didn’t sacrifice this component of the home, but gave the homeowners the opportunity to enjoy it more often.

      With that in mind, WA Custom Glass worked closely with the homeowners through a variety of different design ideas before landing on “the winning ticket”, as described by the homeowner.

      By fully enclosing the area with aluminium framing and glass panels; a combination of fixed, stacking and awning windows, the balcony became a haven for the homeowners, where its functionality complimented the aesthetics of the windows and the view.

      The balcony was overhauled entirely, transforming an exterior, weather-beaten area of the home, into an interior living space – cleverly interconnected with the outdoors through the use of stacking windows.

      The north-facing stacking windows allow tremendous airflow to the home when opened fully and offer complete protection from the elements when closed throughout the harsher winter months.


      Stacking windows in Halls Head project


      Coupling the stackers with awning windows on the east and west-facing adjacents, allows airflow and weather protection year-round, meaning the homeowners are able to enjoy the view from their balcony more often.

      By removing the glass balustrade and custom-fitting a steel beam across the width of the balcony, they were able to use that as a framework, alongside the existing roof and wall structures, to fully enclose the area.

      This presented the opportunity to complete the design with a custom-built rake (highlight) window and frame, which had to be measured and built to purpose given that the dimensions of the roof frame weren’t conducive to a ‘true rake’.


      WA Custom Glass - advanced sill tray system


      The specialist window and door retrofitters at WA Custom Glass demonstrated their expertise and precision, through their flexibility with the depth of the glazing.

      By opting for an internal glaze, were able to mitigate the access issues and costs involved in scaffolding or jigging their glaziers to the upper outdoors of the home.

      Each window frame was coupled with WA Custom Glass’ advanced sill tray system, increasing water resistance, and finished with a ‘top hat’ for a sleek and uniform finish.

      Having had the invaluable experience of previously working alongside the homeowners to transform their downstairs entertaining area in 2018, WA Custom Glass bit at the opportunity to work with them again.

      Already understanding their values and aesthetics made the planning stages and collaboration on the design a simple one, for both the homeowners and the window and door specialists.

      The original renovation consisted of a complete encasement of their downstairs patio, equipping the area with a combination of fixed and stacked windows, for complete comfort and protection from the elements when hosting friends and family, or, relaxing by the canal.


      Halls Head project - WA Custom Glass


      The products 


      • Stacking Windows (6mm Grey Toughened Safety Glass)
      • Awning Windows  (6mm Grey Toughened Safety Glass)
      • Fixed Windows (6mm Grey Toughened Safety Glass)
      • Custom Rake Fixed/Highlight Window (6mm Grey Toughened Safety Glass)
      • Anotic Grey Commercial Aluminium Frames (Upstairs)
      • Grey Glass Tint (Upstairs)
      • Super Grey Tint – Dark Tone (Downstairs)
      • Lockwood Onyx Handles


      Window renovations with WA Custom Glass


      Your next project


      Every homeowner has a unique vision for their home, and WA Custom Glass is passionate about helping you to realise it. 

      As WA’s first AGGA-accredited glass company, with multiple award-winning renovations under our belt, we are the leading specialists in windows and doors. 

      If you’re ready to bring your vision to life, contact us today for a free quote or find out more about us.

      Open the possibilities with WA Custom Glass.

      Brent Beahan

      Brent Beahan

      Brent is a highly experienced General Manager in the glass and glazing industry, with an impressive 20+ year career under his belt. Having earned a Certificate III in Glass and Glazing and the esteemed title of Master Glazier, Brent possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. As General Manager, his role involves overseeing all company departments, including Production, Supply, Sales, Scheduling, and Installations. His creativity, knowledge and passion for glass exemplify him as a leader in the industry.