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      Perth’s “best-kept secret”

      09.26.2023 By Brent Beahan Projects

      The project


      This San Remo beachside home is the ultimate holiday escape.

      “There isn’t a better place in the world”, said the homeowner.

      Located just one hour south of Perth’s CBD, San Remo has been the go-to destination for this homeowner for the last 50 years.

      Having grown up spending every summer in the next-door neighbouring house, the now-homeowner bit at the opportunity to purchase this lot when it became available in the late 1980s.

      Three years later, he built this magnificent property and the family has enjoyed this beachside paradise ever since.

      The home went virtually unchanged for the last 30-odd years, and as the balcony was so exposed to the coastal elements, it began to show its age and cause problems for homeowners.

      In May 2023, the homeowners decided to engage with WA Custom Glass, to breathe new life into the upstairs facade.

      The homeowner told us; “I’m 76 years old in a few months, and with all the years I’ve been in business I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more professional organisation. They were punctual, professional, and did a magnificent job.”


      Sliding doors for residential project in Perth


      The brief


      The homeowners had a few core concepts that needed addressing in this project:

      1. Weather-proofing the home, as the windows and doors are ocean-facing, was critical
      2. Increase the privacy of the home
      3. Premium products
      4. Compliment the existing aesthetic of the home
      5. Maintain ventilation
      6. Improve the functionality
      7. Reduce the load of ongoing maintenance


      The why


      Having your own ‘private’ beach on your doorstep is a dream come true for most Australians, however, what’s often not considered is the toll that the prolonged weather exposure can have on your windows and doors – especially if this isn’t considered prior to your build.

      The original design consisted of eight sliding windows and three sliding doors across the facade with cumbersome framework and clunky flyscreens with midrails that restricted the view.

      Over time, the tracks on the sliding windows became increasingly difficult to operate and the sill would retain an inch of rainwater, which would then seep into the home.

      With the ever-increasing build-up of salt, sand and dust – something needed to be done.


      Balcony sliding door for residential project in Perth


      The result


      The new-look upstairs now features a series of large fixed panels, providing an unobstructed view of the ocean, accompanied by awning windows for ventilation and sliding doors for functionality and flow between the inside entertainment area and balcony landing.

      WA Custom Glass opted for a grey toughened glass across the entirety of the facade – providing privacy and significantly increasing the energy efficiency and climate control of the home.

      The Anodic Dark Grey coloured frames perfectly match the existing colour of the aluminium balustrade, while complementing the timber ceiling panels and off-setting the traditional cream colour palette of the home.


      Awning windows for residential project in Perth


      Given the problems in the past with water build-up in the tracks and leaking window sills, WA Custom Glass’ custom sub-tray sills, with their no-leak technology, were a no-brainer.

      These custom sub-tray sills provide a seamless, uninterrupted finish, with unrivalled design and functionality.

      To combat the dust and sand build-up, awning windows were chosen for their superior sealing capability, as well as their ability for year-round operation, regardless of the weather.

      Lowlites were added to all fixed and awning windows across the facade to increase visibility.

      With north-south facing awning windows on either side of the western fixed pane in the kitchen, the homeowners are able to enjoy circulating ventilation through the kitchen, whilst enjoying the full, uninterrupted view of the coast through the fixed windows.

      “You get the perfect amount of airflow, without the view being blocked and without any of the fuss – waking up, cooking breakfast and enjoying that view is just incredible”, said the homeowner.


      Kitchen windows with flyscreens


      Flyscreens were added to all operable windows, allowing the homeowners to leave these open throughout summer, without the intrusion of unwanted insects.

      Alongside the main facade of the living area and kitchen, an additional sliding door and awning window coupled with a lowlite was added to the master bedroom.

      This gives the homeowners access directly to the balcony, allowing them to enjoy the incredible view from the moment they awake.

      The homeowner couldn’t stress enough how easy WA Custom Glass were to deal with throughout the whole process and how happy they were with the finished product.


      Outside glass door for residential project


      The products 


      • Grey Toughen Glass
      • Anodic Dark Grey Aluminium Frames
      • Commercial grade awning windows
      • Lowlite commercial grade Fixed windows
      • Large single fix windows
      • Sliding doors (Fixed/Sliding)
      • Flyscreen doors
      • Flyscreen windows


      Your next project


      The homeowner told us; “You have no idea how happy I am. The workmanship blew me away – I have never seen a job done like this”.

      Each and every homeowner has a unique vision for their home, and WA Custom Glass is passionate about helping you to realise it. 

      As WA’s first AGWA-accredited glass company, with multiple award-winning renovations under our belt, we are the leading specialists in windows and doors. 

      If you’re ready to bring your vision to life, contact us today for a free quote or find out more about us.

      Open the possibilities with WA Custom Glass.

      Brent Beahan

      Brent Beahan

      Brent is a highly experienced General Manager in the glass and glazing industry, with an impressive 20+ year career under his belt. Having earned a Certificate III in Glass and Glazing and the esteemed title of Master Glazier, Brent possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. As General Manager, his role involves overseeing all company departments, including Production, Supply, Sales, Scheduling, and Installations. His creativity, knowledge and passion for glass exemplify him as a leader in the industry.