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      Timeless Elegance with Modern French Doors

      01.26.2024 Doors

      Renowned for its timeless charm in architectural design, french doors have been expertly reimagined by WA Custom Glass, fusing classic elegance with modern demands for functionality. These doors facilitate seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering an unparalleled blend of style and practicality.


      The Essence of French Doors

      French doors are characterised by large glass panels set within durable frames, creating an inviting pathway to outdoor areas. This design infuses natural light into your home, crafting a spacious and airy ambiance. Whether serving as an entryway to your patio, a division between rooms, or an eye-catching feature in your home, these doors provide both visual appeal and utility.


      The Gateway for Contemporary Lifestyles 

      WA Custom Glass doors offer a variety of configurations, from single to multi-door setups, accommodating diverse architectural styles and preferences. Customisable options like sidelites, hi-lites, or archtops allow for further personalisation, enhancing your home’s aesthetic. Beyond their visual appeal, these doors improve everyday living with dual seals that reduce air leakage, ensuring energy efficiency and optimal climate control. Multi-point locking systems provide security, while various glazing options, including laminated, toned, or low-E glass, deliver enhanced performance and comfort. In addition to bringing natural light and openness, French doors offer practical benefits for modern homeowners, facilitating easy transitions between indoor and outdoor areas—ideal for entertaining or enjoying Perth’s beautiful weather.


      Traditional Charm and Modern Security

      Our French doors provide seamless aesthetics, with custom couplers and coupler pressings harmonising them with window offerings for a unified look throughout your home. Designed to meet Australian bushfire safety standards, these custom doors offer a BAL29 rating and can be equipped with custom security screens to guard against insects and intruders, enhancing security and safety. For a traditional touch, customisable features like colonial bars, including individually glazed or stick-on options, elevate the style of your glass panels.


      Why Choose WA Custom Glass? 

      WA Custom Glass offers AGWA-accredited expertise, ensuring seamless integration of your French doors. Our 10-year warranty guarantees durability and performance, while our transparent process minimises disruptions to your life.


      Unleash the Potential of Your Space

      Transform your home with the timeless elegance and modern functionality of French doors from WA Custom Glass. Create an inviting ambiance that reflects your style and enhances everyday living. Get in contact today!


      Frequently Asked Questions about Aluminium French Doors

      How do I maintain and clean aluminium French doors?

      Aluminium French doors in Perth are low maintenance and can be cleaned with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to prevent damage to the finish.


      How long are the lead times for the installation of French Doors?

      Installation times are dependent on several factors, including; the size of the project, customisation levels, process and more. Contact us today or request a quote for an estimation on time for Aluminium French doors Perth, from an experienced professional.


      Do French Doors come with a warranty?

      Yes! A 10-year warranty is included on French Doors. See our warranty brochures for more info.


      Do you need planning approval for French doors in Perth, WA?

      No. Generally, you don’t need planning permission for French doors in Perth.

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